Report on accounts manager transactions

Is it possible to generate reports based on trades entered in Accounts Manager? By reports, I mean reports similar to bakctest reports showing metrics such as average profit per trade, drawdowns, expectancy etc.

Anyone? @Tomasz your thoughts please. Thanks.

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@Tomasz any reason why this link isn’t working?

Link is working just fine.

Not sure why I am getting this error. Refer the screenshot below.

Same happens here.........

It is because of Wordpress caching plugin not working for some pages. It started with some update of Wordpress. It is being investigated. For the time being this page has been excluded from caching and should be working fine now.

@Tomasz, the same problem seems to be still present for the KB 2009 articles.

Oh well ... it took 2 hours of investigation and fixing Wordpress plugins but finally all pages should be working fine with cache.


Hi Tomasz

This is exactly what I've been wanting, i.e. backtesting from my file of actual trades (so that I can view detailed stats).

I've carefully reviewed the details in the link, i.e. ensured the format of the trades are in the format you've advised for the CSV file (and that they make sense according to the formula), used "\" in the file path, etc, and I'm now up to the point where I run the backtest...........but no trades are being detected in the process of running the backtest.

Are you able to please guide me as to how I might work out / troubleshoot from here why no trades are being detected? Happy to forward through to you my sample CSV file, or copy of my formula, if that would help.

Kind Regards

Sorry, I should correct my note regarding using "" - I meant to say I used "\" in the file path.

Further to my query, here is some additional info:

Just the two trade details, in CSV format