Request for Codes for Pop Up Window on Buy/ Short while Exploring in AUTO ANALYSIS

Dear Seniors/ Learned,
Request a help me with codes to be placed in Exploration AFL so that whenever BUY/ SHORT comes while EXPLORE, a pop up window should come up on Screen.

Or any link having answer to above request is available, please advise.


Thankyou very much Friend,
But, my query/ request was to have codes for Pop Up when BUY/ SHORT signal comes in EXPLORATION via AutoAnalysis. The pop up should contain script name and levels.

The link you provided is different than my original request. Appreciated that you have responded.

Consider using alertif instead of popup.

I agree with @awilson:**[AlertIf()] is the correct solution.

Please, read Using formula-based alerts to learn more about the subject.

... Note that by default AlertIf function does not generate repetitive signals when the same scan is run multiple times. During experimentation, you may prefer to get repeated signals in subsequent scans. To do so, you should change default flags to 1 + 2:

I think that the default functionality is probably all you need; however, if you still want to see some popup windows, one possibility is to use it with the EXEC version of the command to launch a script to create your popup messages using the Windows Script Host WshShell.Popup() method.

One nice feature of this method is that it accepts a param to specify the maximum number of seconds the dialog box will be displayed (then the popup will close automatically):

Use the AlertIf() 3rd param ("text") to properly encode in a parsable string what you want to display in the popup dialog (for instance a message with Name()/FullName(), datetime of the alert, formula name, and a timeout) and then use the WScript.Arguments collection to access/use these items to create your popups.

or something like