Reset all fundamental data values in all symbols in database

I would like to reset all fundamental data values in all the symbols inside a database to 0. Is there any convenient way to do that?

Another question is ... is there an AFL function to set fundamental data value? I don't see a counterpart to GetFnData() to set data value.

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So answer to both questions:
You can do set/import fundamentals via

  1. AmiQuote Fundamentals Import
  2. ASCII Import: Import from ASCII file
  3. OLE: AmiBroker Object Model
  4. (Or manual insertion to Information window's fundamentals fields)

BTW your previous thread is still unclear. Is it closed??


Thank you for your reply again. You've always been helpful.

I will add on to your answer. I just discovered an answer to my own question. This is what I have done.

Delete all symbols in the database, reload the database. Problem with this method is some information is lost like lines drawn on the chart but I don't mind.

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