Reset AmiBroker window position, was: AmiBroker stopped working


Has anyone experienced problems with starting Amibroker(latest 32bit version) under Win10-64bit installation in recent days?
My Amibroker stays iconized/closed in the lower bar and the task manager shows no CPU activity (apart from the initial burst).
I have not added or changed anything in my AB installation so, I assume OS is the cause.
My broker.log is empty. Does anyone know how to debug/fix this issue?

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Have you been using multiple monitor setup recently? Maybe because of some problems resulting from connecting/disconnecting additional monitors, AmiBroker is opening on a monitor which is currently unavailable/disconnected? The best solution in such case, would be restoring the last monitor setup when AB was visible and then closing AB before applying any other changes in your setup.

To find out if that is the case (when AB is open) - you can also click on the AB icon in Win status bar (right mouse button) and, select Maximize. AB should become visible. At least this usually works in Win Vista/7...


If this is the actual cause of the issue, another quick way to solve it is to klll any existing Broker.exe using the TaskManager and then edit the registry deleting the entire key (:stop_sign: do it only if you are familiar with the registry functionality):


Close the registry editor and launch AmiBroker.
It will then restart in the default window pos and size (and recreates the deleted registry key).

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There is an easier solution if this is the case. With Amibroker "active" type ALT+SPACEBAR then select Move, type ENTER and then use the arrows to bring the window back. Try with an other program that is current visible so you can understand the mechanism


Thank you for everyone's input. I struggled with the issue.
The problem was that, the maximize option on RMB was not showing and the AB minimized icon was king empty (no graphics or anything)
Eventually, I tried to delete the registry key and it fixed the issue.
Thank you beppe! I still want to know what have I done wrong to cause this problem.

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