Reset chart-view [scroll and zoom to relevant area in one click]

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Does anyone know how to reset chart-view to relevant area [where RT data candles are updating] in one-click, from wherever we are in the timeline of history of the symbol, just like the button in the attached screenshot?
reset chart view

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If the chart is on focus (just click on it), hitting the End key will scroll to the latest bar. Zoom level stays the same though.


Hey @bysoaa , Thank you for your kind response. It helped me :heart_eyes:.

But the end key solution takes us to the end bar only horizontally. We have to search where the price is updating vertically and scroll up or down, as shown in the video l made to show the problem.

Also, we cannot simply drag the chart by holding the left mouse button down etc. Over the log run, all these small things matter for end-user in my opinion. I hope you too find it easier to have a one click solution to get to where the action is in the chart, both horizontally and vertically. Any idea how to do this? [Your reply solved the problem 50%, thank you once again for the same :handshake:.]

For vertical reset, hover your cursor in the price area - when you have a double headed arrow, double left click.

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Works. Thank you both @Chris25 and @bysoaa --Together both of your replies solved this query. Just do not know which one to mark as solution, unless only one reply can be marked as solution. Thank you both. :bouquet:

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