Restrict early return from function

Hello Tomasz,

Could I ask you a question ?

Why you prohibite early return from function in your AFL-environment ?
Is that Deep-Coder-Philosophy like "no Goto" ?

OR Is that just only business for save wild coders from wild-wild-wild side of coding
who just shoot their legs easy like losers from movies with Clint Eastwood ?


Neither of the above.

Maybe third variant: it`s tech difficult to integrate that into historical formed current stage AFL-environment
(hmm think there is nothing difficult in whole coding-world for Super Pro like you).
Could you answer why?

No, there is no single reason. There are many. It was just one of thousands design choices made back in something like 1998 when first AFL parser was written and as everything was a result of benefit vs cost consideration from not one, but various points of view (aesthetic, performance, support, maintenance, etc, etc, etc). I really have no desire or time to write novels about why this and why that. I have already written 1000+ pages of users guide and I think it is enough. But I am glad with choices made back then.