Retrieve array value for bar within “From-To” range in an exploration

I run Amibroker exploration using "From-To" range in AA window. To retrieve the last date in the range, SelectedValue( ARRAY ) works fine. How can I get the bar for the dates within the "From-To" range that are not the last date in an exploration? SelectedValue() cannot be used to retrieve the bars for these dates.

In AA window 'selected element' means THE LAST BAR of currently selected analysis range. It is the last available bar for "all quotes" and "last n quotes" range. It is the bar corresponding to "End Date" when using "From-To" range.

I am using Amibroker v6.28.0

@thankyou18, I think that you'll benefit studying this sample code that was posted in another thread by @fxshrat:

In particular, focus on the following lines of code and how the variables are subsequently used:

bir     = Status( "BarInRange" );
fbr     = Status( "FirstBarInRange" );
lbr     = Status( "LastBarInRange" );

A search in the forum will also find other threads looking for similar questions.
IMHO it is always a good thing to use it looking for different keywords and sentences.
I use it a lot, and many times it brings me to related subjects, and this helps me to expand my AFL knowledge further.