Reuters Eikon Data (Metastock Xenith)

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Newbie here… I am quite interested for the retail-trader version of Thompson Reuters Eikon, formerly marketed as Metastock Xenith but without Metastock’s desktop platform and use data for quantitative (and qualitative) analysis from Amibroker’s wonderful engine. I’m from Mexico, and used to trade both USA Stocks as Mexican ones. For me, this platform have much better price/benefit than eSignal’s feed, with lot’s of price (tick Time&Sales), fundamental, sentiment, economic metrics, and indexes data as live array for only 150USD/mo.

Given this I think Amibroker is a much more robust platform than today’s Metastock’s XV and with a much better userbase and support team, so I will be quite happy to aquire license for the pro version instead of Metastock one.

My main concern is how new versions (or future ones) of AMI’s are prepared to support this excelent data platform…? Reuters opened it’s API , already done it for lot of frameworks. It’s platform natively exports to Excel as well.

If this is the case, how much data could Amibroker can import, and what abilities it offers to maintain them organized as in Sectors, Industries, markets, countries, etc…?

Im not a fan of having tons of bytes stored for historical tick intraday data, (minute intraday data for a year back are just enough with count of uptick’s-downtick’s at aux fields) but definitely like the idea to retrieve it as a daily basis and construct own informative composites with them based at Fundamental and/or sentiment data (can they can be treated as array’s on aux fields or maybe external ODBC?), …or make $TICK indexes (upticks, downticks, delta) for each country,sector,industry, etc…

Thanks in advance, and congratulations for this new Forum page!


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Hi mate,

How did you go with this? I also have Xenith and want to use the RT feed with Amibroker as opposed to Metastock. Were you able to connect the Thompson Rueters Xenith data feed through the MS plugin on AB?


Hi @Tomasz I have a subscription to Metastock Xenith with real time data, is it possible to use that feed in real time through the MS plugin? I have tried to set it up myself but can't find the MASTER file mentioned in the AB/datasources tutorial. I am a trader, not a programmer or even have any formal training in that area so I apologize if the solution to this is obvious to most. Thanks in advance.

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Out of many "Metastock" formats, AmiBroker only support classic (legacy) Metastock/Computrack format with MASTER/EMASTER/XMASTER and Fxxx.DAT files.

Other Metastock formats are not compatible.

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did you get the solution?
If yes please help me. I have a RT feed subscription fo Refinitiv Xenith.
I am also unable to find MASTER/EMASTER/XMASTER and Fxxx.DAT files.

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It has been clearly written above that Xenith as proprietary, undocumented is NOT supported. Only "legacy" Computrack/Metastock format is.

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Why don't you just SEARCH THE FORUM before asking questions.

AmIBroker already reads Metastock local data, but only in their classic format

Their proprietary new format, can't be read by third parties because it is.... proprietary (obviously)