Reverse function is showing error

Filter = 1; 
AddColumn( BarIndex(), "BI"); 
AddColumn( Reverse( BarIndex() ), "Reversed BI" ); 

The above code is from manual of amibroker. (Reverse

It is showing error. I did not find solution for this.
Kindly Help on this...

I am using the latest amibroker...

Code works for me in version 6.31.0.

This type of thing happens if you have installed 3rd party plugin having 3rd party function of very same (Reverse) function name and which has no default function argument(s) set (Note: AB's Reverse() function does have default arguments -> first = 0, last = -1 ).

See here,
I have replicated your issue by creating a DLL function Reverse() having same name as native Reverse() function of AmiBroker.

This is how it looks in DLL function table

So since you have not set additional required arguments of 3rd party function you will get "Missing arguments" error in your case. Such message will not occur with AB's Reverse() function!


  1. Close AmiBroker
  2. Go to Plugins sub-folder of your AmiBroker installation
  3. Remove all 3rd party plugins (which where not installed by AmiBroker setup)
  4. Restart AmiBroker

Error message should disappear.


Excellent @fxshrat. It is the 3rd party plugin who is the real culprit here. Thanks for the detail info. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: