Reverse Mouse Wheel Direction


I would appreciate an option to reverse the mouse wheel scroll direction on both the chart and for the parameters dialog box. I would like:

mwheel_up ---> scroll FORWARD in time
mwheel_up ---> zoom IN on chart
mwheel_up ---> move numbers UP in parameters
mwheel_down ---> scroll BACKWARD in time
mwheel_down ---> zoom OUT on chart
mwheel_down ---> move numbers DOWN in parameters

Thank you for the consideration.


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Also to mention that the up arrow key moves numbers down in parameters, and vice versa.

AmiBroker uses standard directions. If you want to reverse mouse wheel action from recommended you can change this globally using registry:

Strange..... Why do the up and down arrow keys do the inverse in parameters window then?

So everyone else thinks that it is normal for mwheel_up to scroll backwards in time, to zoom out on the chart, and to move numbers down in parameters? Am I the crazy one here? None of my other applications have this behavior, so changing it in the registry would adversely effect all other applications.

Thanks for the reply, Thomasz.

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No they are not. If you scroll DOWN you are going to the END of document and END of "document" is the MOST RECENT quote. In parameters window scrolling down also goes to the END of the range.

Well, I will admit, your reply helps to clarify. Thank you.