RFC: Automated trading interface for REST based APIs

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I am thinking about forking IBController to create open-source generic trading interface for REST-based APIs. Given popularity of REST APIs this would potentially allow to connect to many brokers. What do you think?


Oh yeah! Thank you....


I think this is a great idea.

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I'm thinking it is a good idea.

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Just saw this. Sounds interesting Tom.

On a side note I saw these which look kinda cool, especially the server receiving data from a feed and then distributing it to multi-instances of AB on a Network with the use of Quik...



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@Tomasz wrote:

I am thinking about forking IBController to create open-source generic trading interface for REST-based APIs. Given popularity of REST APIs this would potentially allow to connect to many brokers. What do you think?

Any news on this?


It does not seem to attract enough interest. I hoped for more feedback, at least in the form of list of APIs (with URLs) that people might be interested in.

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@Tomasz, thanks for the answer.

Is it possible that your original post was not read/considered by many forum participants?
For the future, I suggest "pinning" messages that require feedback.

I was looking at Alpaca, which lately seems to get more popular by traders (for non-U.S. residents: currently invite-only beta).
You can signup for free and get an API key to test it. Here is a link to their API documentation.

A well-known broker in Europe is SaxoBank.
For instance, it will also be possible to use their API on accounts at BinckBank (that they acquired).

Multiple Forex brokers that have a REST API, like Oanda, FXCM, IG.

Finally, now there is a growing interest to access cryptocurrencies via REST API at Binance, Bitfinex, or via the generic multiple crypto-exchanges API by CoinAPI.io.

And obviously, additional "local" brokerages could appeal to specific users. Maybe they will suggest here other links to explore.

Let's see if the time is ripe to arouse more interest in the evolution of automatic trading in AmiBroker.


Just popping in to show my support of the project. Something like this could make AMI Broker the gold standard in platforms across brokerages!

I would love to use AMI broker with TD Ameritrade, Coinbase and Oanda (mentioned above) API's.

It's a shame the trash MT4/5 software is so popular. And that's only because of it's integration with so many different brokers.

As further assurance that there is a need, note the plethora of posts on this forum and elsewhere asking for X broker integration. I'd take that as a sign that there is a demand. These people have not found this thread. Also note that the thread title does not mention this new idea. Many people may not have a reason for looking at a Gitlab thread, so don't know the idea even exists.


I'm also for TD Ameritrade, but also for streaming quotes and back fill. I understand the throughput issue, but for those of us who aren't utilizing High Frequency strategies, getting updates to the database every 1 second or even 5 seconds is fine for most of us. Just a thought. :slight_smile:


I second that! :clap:


I was going to mention the need for REST data as well, but didn't want to overwhelm and risk the chance of the whole project getting axed :rofl:

Now that it's been put out there... Yes. I third the motion :grin:


That would be great to have more options currently using dde to tdameritrade

The thread is about automated trading interface, not data plugin.

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REST based automated trading alone is well-welcomed. It would allow for daily automated trading at the very lowest timeframe (unless you had a supported external streaming data source).

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Most of us don't think about needing something till we hit a problem. This may be one factor for this thread not getting the attention that it deserves. Anything that widens choice of brokers is a good thing. In my opinion, lack of it, puts AMIBROKER at a disadvantage compared to, say, MT4/5, which is a nightmare to learn and use (believe me I have tried). Many put up with MetaQuotes, perhaps, just because they have choice of brokers when it comes to auto-trading. This was my reason to try MT5.


I feel your pain. It truly is a shame that the best trading platform on planet earth (AMI Broker) is so limited in terms of data and broker integration. (Unless of course you're well informed in creating dll's)


Fantastic idea! Hope it will be soon :+1:

Again: please list the APIs (with links) you want to be supported. In order to design universal interface I have to plan/design ahead and not be surprised by late additions. To make sense the design should be flexible enough to accommodate different APIs. So if you have any broker that you want to be supported that has documented OPEN REST-based API send a link to the API docs.

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