RFC: Getting rid of global broker.newcharts / losing GLOBAL layouts

That is request for comments for potentially breaking change.

The idea is to get rid of global broker.newcharts file. This file, as you may know, keeps relationship between chart IDs and formulas. Chart IDs are global and they glue studies to relevant charts (more on that here: http://www.amibroker.com/kb/2014/10/06/relationship-between-chart-panes/)

This creates two problems:

  1. database is not self-contained (it needs to have broker.newcharts to properly display chart layouts and studies)
  2. requires periodic "indicator maintenance" to regain "unused" space in broker.newcharts created by frequent insertions/deletions of indicator panes

The advantage of global broker.newcharts is that GLOBAL layouts are possible.

So, we can get rid of problems 1 and 2 but at the cost of losing completely GLOBAL LAYOUTS functionality.

So the question to you is:

Are you OK with losing GLOBAL layouts functionality?

Are you OK with losing GLOBAL layouts functionality?
  • Yes, you can remove them, I can live without Global layouts
  • No, don't remove them, I need Global layouts

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Note: Local layouts are unaffected.

Dear Sir,

May I seek your guidance about clarifying my understanding of the things:
Inside the Main Application Folder; there is a folder by the name of "Layouts"
and inside every Database Folder also, there is a folder by the name of "Layouts"

I understand that if the "Layouts" folder inside the DataBase Folder does not have the Default Layout (I may not remember the exact name of the file as I do not use local layouts);
the program looks inside the "Layouts" folder inside the Main Application Folder for the existance of "Default.awl". (I use this feature - as I prefer to have same setup even if I change Database)

And if we lose the "Global Layouts" as proposed, we will lose the feature of "Default.awl" inside the "Layouts" folder inside the Main Application Folder. and I will not see same chart setup as I change/switch the Database.

This is how I am understanding the things as a user. Your guidance will help.

Further, though I have not understood the concept of "Shared Chart IDs" like an Expert; I do really wish to have some feature so that I can manage with high degree of confidence & convenience the concept of "Shared Parameters" across chart windows. (I understand, Ideal place to mention a wish is the FeedBack Centre - expressed it here only because I thought it to be related to the topic - so Please, Please - just read this wish lightly)

With Regards

Sanjiv Bansal

Layouts are explained in detail in the docs (scroll down to the end):

and as written there:

Local layouts are per-database while Global layouts are visible from all databases.

Layouts folder in the application directory holds global layouts, Layouts folder inside database folder keeps local layouts.

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