Ribbon Border Line or Column Line

Hi Guys, I'm Eric
I just in trading for one month, i need to make my custom indicator use amibroker, then i try and found amibroker is so good.
I explore how to make multiple ribbon then i'm stuck at how to make the ribbon have seperate column or border line, i use styleDash is quiet good but it can't ceate what i wanted.
Please help me to make a ribbon like this one:

Thanks Guys

Have a play with PlotOHLC() with styleCandle.


Maybe some code will help more, but thanks John i will try it first๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

This page contains all necessary information that you require, specifically this code taken from there.

New parameters make it also easy to plot ribbons, for example:

Plot( Close, "Price", colorBlue, styleCandle );
Plot( 2, /* defines the height of the ribbon in percent of pane width */
IIf( up, colorGreen, IIf( down, colorRed, 0 )), /* choose color */
styleOwnScale|styleArea|styleNoLabel, -0.5, 100 );

As suggested by John to solve your requirements hope this example helps:

_SECTION_BEGIN( "Ribbon of Blocks" );
	 per = Param( "Average Period", 21, 3, 144, 1 );
	 MovAv = MA( Avg, per );
	 up = C > MovAv;
	 down = C < MovAv;
	 BlockColor = IIf( up, colorGreen, IIf( down, colorRed, colorBlue ) );

	 Plot( Close, "Price", colorDefault, styleCandle );
	 Plot( MovAv, "MovAv", colorWhite, styleThick );

	 SetBarFillColor( BlockColor );
	 PlotOHLC( 0, 2, 0, 2, "", colorDefault, styleOwnScale | styleCandle, -0.5, 100 );

Hi @Cougar, thanks a lot, you help me a lot man :+1:

this what i'm done:

Cougar & JohnHT you are my hero oh yeah!!

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Can you send me this AFL code,please?

The solution is here, lookOut wich one is the solution post (from Cougar)