Right Extended (Rectangle)

How can i have the "Right extended "ticked permanently while drawing the rectangle .

I don't think it is possible exactly the way you want (at least I don't know how), but remember that:

  1. If you don't want to go to rectangle's properties each time after drawing it to mark "Right extend" (BTW you can quickly do that by double clicking on the rectangle, or by pressing Alt + Enter) you can simply click on the proper shortcut in the toolbar:



  1. Alternatively you can draw your first rectangle, mark "Right extend" and then press Ctrl C and Ctrl V, to copy your custom rectangle - similar the the example from this thread:

For instance, if you press Ctrl V 4 times, you will get 4 new identical rectangles and all of them will be also extended to the right.

  1. You can also assign a custom shortcut key - allowing you to quickly extend to the right or left selected objects (also rectangles) :



Extremely helpful !!! Thank you very much

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