Robot revolution

Until now legged robots did not outperform 4 year old human baby, but that is no longer the case:


We live in wonderous and exciting times. New technology and its applications is something to behold. Thank you for your post.

ALPHABET / google owned them, they sold them off.

My field of daytime work these things. Yet it’s either too loud due to combustion engines, or the batteries itself pose a major restriction in range. For the military currently still unusable.

The videos look unreal. I love boston dynamics.

this is pretty neat too:

or this one in general:

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Robots are only as good as the programmed logic. I worked in AI twenty years ago and tried to trade with it but it failed. Discretionary brought me results - human behaviour (greed) has not changed through the millennia.

This has changed. Instead of programming, massive amounts of data are thrown onto machine learning.

how about these passenger drones:

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... yeah - a good one :+1:

... but it can't jump comparing to this "flea" :wink: :