Rotate Symbols in Watchlist Automatically / Slideshow of stock charts

Is it possible to have watchlist symbols select themselves automatically one after another? I was thinking to run Analysis and have AFL go through watchlist symbols and select them every 30 seconds, but not sure if AFL is capable of this?

@trongart this was already discussed in some other threads.

To see different ways to do it (a sort of slide-show) please visit this message links.

Beppe, unfortunately, both of the two possible code links no longer work for an AFL code:

@trongart I'm sorry.

I see that the old Yahoo messages are still available to previously registered users (after accepting the new "Yahoo owner" policy).

Not sure if there is still the possibility to see them for new users (I tried in another browser, and they ask me to register a new Yahoo account...).

The second link is unavailable for a long time (almost dead site...). :scream:

@beppe @Beaver
I think is worth to place the Code here and build a stonger AB forum

Also for the new users not forget to visit Users' KB that contains a lot of examples
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Slideshow of stock charts

_SECTION_BEGIN("Slideshow of stock charts");
// Slideshow of stock charts
//  the old Yahoo! forum email 23-01-2007 by herman
/// @link

RefreshRate        = Param("Chart Update rate (seconds)",5,0,60,1);		
RequestTimedRefresh( RefreshRate );
TimerTick        = Status("RedrawAction");
WLNum                = Param("WatchList Number",2,0,64,1);			
MaxTickerNum         = Param("Max. Ticker Number",20,1,100,1);  	 
List                 = CategoryGetSymbols( categoryWatchlist, WLNum );
TickerNum         = StaticVarGet("TickerNumber");
if( IsNull( TickerNum ) ) StaticVarSet("TickerNumber", 0);
if( TimerTick        ) 
       TickerNum = StaticVarGet("TickerNumber");
       if( TickerNum <= MaxTickerNum ) StaticVarSet("TickerNumber",++TickerNum);
       else StaticVarSet("TickerNumber", 0);
Ticker = StrExtract( List, Tickernum);

Title = FullName()+"\n#"+NumToStr( TickerNum,1.0,False) +" "+Ticker;

I am looking to run Chart slideshow for a watchlist. How do I run this code so that I can enter the watchlist name?

Forum search, e.g.

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Slideshow is not a Scan or Exploration or Backtest. Would appreciate advice as to how to trigger the Slideshow so that the first Chart displayed is that for the first ticker, then the next and so on.