Rotational Trading - How to keep a trade open when the buy trigger change?


I am trying to do a rotational trading system. The basic idea is to buy the stock with lowest RSI on a drawback. Something like;

trend = IIf( RSI( 100 ) < 50 , 1 , 0 );

PositionScore =  IIf( trend == 1 , 100 - RSI( 20 )  , 0 );

As how, I want to be able to keep the position when RSI(100) moves above 50. I tried to use
barssince (buy > 1)
as one additional enabler, but Buy doesn't work during Rotational Trading.

Any idea of how I can keep an open position open during rotational trading? That is, it will only be WorstRankHeld that will close it when the buy have occurred.

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You don't seem to understand the difference between rotational system and regular system with ranking.
Generally regular systems (that have buy/sell signals) CAN USE PositionScore too! See:

So you can have this:

Buy = RSI( 20 ) < 50;
PositionScore = 100 - RSI( 20 );

And it will keep position open even if RSI raises above 50.

Rotational systems DO NOT have buy/sell signals. They are based ONLY by ranking and if symbol drops out of top N ("worstrankheld") rank it is sold.

In rotational system you can only stop ENTIRE rotation (not for one symbol) but for the SYSTEM. To do so use scoreNoRotate (it is documented in the manual - search for it)

PositionScore =  IIf( trend == 1 , 100 - RSI( 20 )  , scoreNoRotate );

Again: this works GLOBALLY for the system, not for one symbol. It stops rotation in ENTIRE portfolio.


Thanks for your reply, I realized this after a while. Thanks .

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