Row Reducing a Matrix

Is there a facility in AmiBroker to calclate directly the Row Reduce Echelon Form for a general matrix.

MXSOLVE will deliver this result for matrices with rank equal to the number of rows (sometimes requiring some manipulation to identify an invertible sub-matrix). But, MXSOLVE appears to return Null in all cases where rank is less than the number of rows (at least that's how I'm reading the Help material).

The Row Reduced Echelon Form of a matrix of deficient rank can still be quite useful for certain applications, so I'm hoping that there's an AmiBroker tip on how to do this with built-in functions.


As you noticed MxSolve requires matrix to be square. Calculating RR Echelon form is part of Gaussian elimination which indeed is a part of MxSolve but is not available separately as a function as of now.

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Hi Tomasz,
Thanks for your clarification.
Is it necessary for full rank to use MxSolve,
Or does MxSolve work when fill rows/columns with zeros to make square matrix,
Or transpose(A) A to make square matrix also provide solution using MxSolve
Many thanks