RT data require subscription, was: Interactive Brokers plug-in error

I am giving Interactive Brokers a go and am trying to configure their plug-in in Amibroker for EOD data. Even though Amibroker indicates the plug-in is connected there is an error and data is not coming through - see attached.
I have checked that I have permission to trade stocks and CFDs in the markets of my choice.

This may have been covered previously and if so, please forward the post(s).

Amibroker IB plug-in error

@wmorton, as clearly stated ("no market data permissions") the message signals that you don't have access to the requested data and need an additional data subscription.
Anyway, I'm wondering what ticker you're trying to get since "ISLAND" AFAIK is a destination exchange (which you can usually select when you place an order and want to route it to a specific destination instead of using the default "smart" route proposed by IB).

What is the ticker you have set in Amibroker?

It was simply AAPL so I too and not sure how ISLAND AFAIK came up??

@wmorton, I do not see any issue here entering AAPL (may you should try with the full qualified ticker AAPL-SMART-STK-USD).

I assume you have a valid data subscription to the USA markets.

Which version of TWS are you using? (At present I'm connected to TWS Build 10.20.1d, Nov 29, 2022 4:06:13 PM - using an older 32 bit version of AB - 6.30.5 - IB Plugin 2.08).

I am using the same version of TWS as you. The IB plugin is 2.0.10 according to AB.

I have tried the symbol format for AAPL that you recommended but no change.

How do I check the data subscription status?

@wmorton, on TWS, from a menu item activated with a right-button click on the selected ticker:
"Manage Market Data"

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Thank you. I will give it a go and come back if I still need more help.

So I entered AAPL-SMART-STK-USD as the symbol in Amibroker and the IB plugin status is OK and backfill complete but Amibroker only plots 9 daily bars. I have 5000 bars in the database settings so why don't I have more data?

@wmorton, please review the IB plugin documentation here.

In particular look for the Backfill length.