RTFM: IB backfill is special, was: Auto-Repeat Exploration Slows

I use Interactive Brokers and have a live data subscription. My subscription is for 100 symbols, however, my Amibroker database have about 200 symbols. Obviously this would initially caused a problem. But, I have tried to setup a watchlist filter to contain only 99 symbols (subscription limit - 1), and used this filter list to feed the Auto Repeat scan instead of using the entire symbols in the database. The issue I have is, if I slept past the market opening hour in the morning, say I get up around 10:00 am ET, turn on Amibroker, then database at this point has to download all the bars from premarket right down to 10:00 am, 1 minute bars, and this takes time. So after the scanning process is done, I went to the chart and randomly select a few symbols from my filter list to check how the scan has worked so far, at this point, I noticed some of the symbols (part of the filtered symbol list) are still yet to be downloaded, even though Interactive Broker API said the downloading was complete. I then set the auto scan to 1 minute in the analysis view, but after a while, say 1/2 hour or so, the entire download process just stop. I can only fix this by get out of Amibroker, and get back in, then the scan works fine again, but for about 15 - 20 minutes or so, then it slows down again. Is this normal for everyone? Do we have a fix for IB API auto scan download that worked? Thanks for your time.

Read the manual. What you are doing is incorrect. Scan is not good method for IB backfill.
IB backfill is limited to ONE symbol at a time and MUST be done exactly as described in the manual:


This is crucial. IB is DIFFERENT than any other data source and its backfill is super-limited and must be performed the way described in the manual. And no, it is not via "scan" or "exploration"


Thanks for the reply Tomasz, I am crystal cleared now, thanks.

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