RTFM, minimum supported ver is 6.0, was: Old automatic analysis fails

I accidentally opened and old version of Amibroker and since then when I try to start an afl that used to run an old automatic analysis I got an error message for this row
AddTextColumn( GetFnData( "Alias" ),"Symbol");
Unsupported field
Error 5. Argument #1 has incorrect type (the function expects different argument type here).

This is how I call:
AmiBroker = new ActiveXObject( "Broker.Application" );
AA = AmiBroker.Analysis;

This is where it seems to load a wrong old automatic analysis.
It was working before.

Also, when I press the edit button in the old AA window that opens, an old AFL editor pops up, not the new one.

It seems that some pointer somewhere has been changed that does not start the new old AA window.
Any idea how I could fix it?

It is not that Analysis fails, but you simply don’t check users guide.
The error message is crystal clear. You are using too old AmiBroker version that does not support “Alias” as argument to GetFnData


This field is clearly described as 5.50+ only. And this forum minimum supported version is 6.0