Run Exploration/ Export Only On if CurrentDate = TradeDate (Array issue)

I need help.. im getting stuck on using an If function due to trying to use an array....

My exploration code is way long so I posted a simple one is my problem

  1. Assume my EvaluationDate = Last Trading Day of Month
  2. I set up an exploration on a watchlist than runs every day via batch (Range = 1 Recent Bar)
  3. This exploration then exports the exploration to a csv

What I am trying to do is say this...

IF EvaluationDate = True
THEN run the exploration and export the results
Do not run the exploration thus don't export the results

The problem I have is when I say
if (EvaluationDate == 1).

.. it gives me the error that I cant use an array.. Any ideas?

FOLLOWUP.. I can do it changing my filter = EndofMonth.... so I may just leave it as that

Given above condition, IF statement doesn't accept an array but number is no problem.

You can instead use

if ( LastValue( EvaluationDate ) == 1 ))

In other cases, Ideally you want that specific value in the array, which you can get with other functions as well and use in IF statement.