Run several live trading formulas at the same time?

Hey guys,
I wanted to ask if it's possible to run several independent real-time formulas using 1 instance of Amibroker. Any specific set-up required?

Or do I have to run 2 instances of Amibroker on same machine to achieve this?
I am receiving quotes via DDE and write trade signals to a text file. Formulas trade same symbol but generate different not related trade signals.

Thank you.

If you have multiple Analysis Windows ( or projects ) running with its own set of formula, cant you achieve the desired goal with only one Amibroker instance ?

I will have to try on the live market tomorrow, but at the moment am being confused as Information and Log windows only reflect what is running on the active window.
And I can't do a bar replay on several windows at the same time as well.

OK, today after real life tests I am finally able to answer my question.
YES. It is indeed possible to real-time trade several formulas simultaneously using 1 Amibroker instance. But there are couple things to keep in mind:

  1. Make sure that static variable names are not the same across different formulas.
  2. Works best with floating windows
  3. Performance might be slow

Hi Konstantin,

This was helpful. further to this, if I plan to perform live trading(single strategy) for 50 symbols, do I have to open the chart and apply the relevant AFL for all the 50 symbols? This will be a bit cumbersome due to the limited screen realestate.

Intent is to write to a text file when the signal gets generated in any of the 50 symbols, in real time.

Exploration will not work as this will have be run every tick.


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