Running explorer with a queuing system

how to run window analysis explorer one by one without overlapping or simultaneously.
In this case, I have several explorers analysis that have been set up using APX files. e.g: there are explorer_1 explorer_2 and explorer_3
when explorer_1 is running then explorer 2 and 3 have to wait to finish before it can proceed to explorer_2 and so on to explorer_3.

Waiting your help thanks ...

@Satyadev, have you considered using the Amobroker's batch processing functionality?

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Hi beppe , so far I have implemented it using a batch file, but in the batch file there is no sequence menu function.
The sequence function is in a separate menu and to use it we must insert it into #pragma sequence

on this case there are very few sample i ve found and unaccommodating.

@Satyadev, why do you need to use sequence when you can essentially do the same thing using the Amibroker batch?

Simply add all your required steps (load project, scan, explore, backtest, export, load another project, etc.) to you batch.


ok @beppe , briefly i need such as function to make queue system while running multiple analysis window. so it wont overlapping. i knew running multiple analysis more efficient save a time and etc.
but sometimes we need such as feature to run it one by one in by using apx or batch file.

@beppe has given you an easy way to run Explorations in sequence. Either you have not tried this solution, or we don't understand what you're trying to achieve.

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hi @mradtke Do you have any sample in video file or youtube.
Perhaps i ve not found the method and can learn from you or any video source.

hi @mradtke @beppe

If you seen on the image there are two window analysis running the explorer in simulant.
I ve called and run an apx file through batch files , but it still overlapping.
please advise what i ve missed on the setup of batch file or etc?
what I mean is the analysis windows should not overlapping to other , it should not run while others analysis still running. one of analysis completed 100% than can run another analysis.
or any other way if we able to setup in the AFL code such as

#include <>
Wait til done explorer_1 then go to explorer_2
#include <>

Please advise mate , thanks

Add all projects to a single batch not to separate bathes!
Read manual in addition

okey @fxshrat , even though i ve tried with separate batch but still not work , perhaps i missed some of part ,, let me go through the tutorial again.
and kindly please let me know if any one made a tutorial in video version .


No, you did not read carefully.
It wasn't mentioned to create multiple batches but it was written to add multiple projects to single batch.

If you execute such batch then the projects are processed sequentially.

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hi @fxshrat , thanks for the image explanation ,
i ve tried and and it worked , but why it was not looping to the first explorer?
any part i ve missed , how about on your batch

A batch does not loop. It executes its steps from beginning to end one time. If you want to run it more than once, you can use the AmiBroker Scheduler to run the batch at an appropriate frequency.

noted @mradtke , i ve used scheduler as well but its not work , it seems doesn't fulfill my wishes , i hope on the next upgrade TJ could add Loop function on the batch system.