Safe Data provider - MT5 plugin


Do you know that the forex data provider for MT5 is safe or not? How can I find they don't have access to my codes?

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When you say "my codes" do you mean the codes you write in afl? or something else;

yes, suppose that I have written a afl code to create a buy and sell signal, Does the plugin can read mine?

Sure an expert will chime in but theirs always a danger in downloading any .dll or .exe file.

The only safe data plugins / data sources are listed here:

Everything NOT on the list is "caveat emptor".

Once you place unknown 3rd party DLL in your system it can do ANYTHING, good and bad, including degrading system and AB performance, formatting your hard drive, reading any file, stealing your data, etc. So you have been warned. At minimum upload the DLL into before you place it in Plugins folder. This does NOT guarantee that plugin is problem free. This only checks for well known viruses, but does NOT check for any other harmful activity. And no, running antivirus (no matter which) does NOT prevent you from harmful activity.


The only way is installing firewall and monitoring outgoing traffic.

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Could you please explain to me how? I am not expert in computer science.
Thanks in advance for your help.

You have to do this part of the work yourself. I have this plugin, i don't think they something send from yours PC. But this is very laggy solution. Forget about rt monitoring. Timeframes min. 15 min and few symbols.