Same Entry Signal Type Closes Position


My formula is one that only allows a position for a symbol to be opened once per day. Disregarding the exit conditions, it appears that if another signal of the same type is generated, it will close the position prematurely.

For example, if I go short and another short signal is generated a few seconds later, it will close that position.

I have the 'Reverse Entry Signal Forces Exit' option unticked in the Analysis settings, however that wouldn't apply to the same entry signal so it doesn't fix the issue.

I have used a mid-level CBT to implement the one position a day, however even commenting out the CBT the problem persists.

Going through the CBT signals, it shows an entry signal and then afterwards an exit signal that closes out the current position (despite the second entry signal price being set to -1). Is there something else I need to implement here, or elsewhere in my code/settings?


Unfortunately your question does not provide all necessary details (like the formula that you used) to give you an answer. Please follow this advice: How to ask a good question and use Detailed Log as explained here: How do I debug my formula?