Same template of all windows in a chart

I did a lot of google and forum searching to find how can I save a template of a chart which has multiple windows.
let say I have a chart with Price candles, and some indicators on. Below that, I have MACD and RSI windows as well. When I save a template, it only saves the main chart (price and indicators on the candles) and does not save the indicators under the chart (here MACD and RSI).
I saved both "Chart Template, Layout only" and "Chart Template, Compete".
Anyone knows how can I save the complete chart including indicators under the chart?

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Sure it’s not saving? Try and open new chart and select your saved template.

If you “inserted indicator” it should be attached to the chart.

If you created a new chart but instead of applying price to the window, put an indicator, then it considered another chart and saving layout and right clicking the layout and saving as “default” will set it to default on open.

Layouts are also per database and theirs two sections under layouts, local and global.

@Oscar you wrote that you searched the forum but this has all been covered and explained both in the User Guide and on the forum. Did you follow the instructions from the user guide and are you sure that is what did not work? Review the info at these four links.

And make sure you become a verified user,