Save amibroker database through CLI or scheduled job

I am using 6.40.4, i am looking for a method (command line or scheduled job) to save database after amiquote finishes import.


You can use OLE automation. There is SaveDatabase method of Broker.Application object.


But for what it is worth, you don't need to worry about it, since database is autosaved on exit anyway.

Thanks, i want to save before i take a backup, i noticed, my backups are always one day old as the my service does not save the data before creating a backup.

Hello erukumk,

please have a look/study to this post and search via this forum, you will find everything:

As Tomasz recommend study Amibroker OLE Object Model.

Finally do after AmiQuote OLE process is finished, i use a app ...

Dim AB as Object = CreateObject("Broker.Application")

I can confirm it is working 100% with AmiQuote and AmiBroker.

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Or standalone JScript (.js file extension)

AB = new ActiveXObject("Broker.Application");

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