Save Analysis windows on exit

Is it possible to save Analysis windows on exit so it automatic open with formula and setting next time.

My situation is I have 2 screen and open 4 Analysis windows on 2nd screen every days which is a bit time consuming because I must select formula for each windows then setting and change it to floating and move to 2nd screen -*-

BTW, is it possible to set 2nd date parameter in from-to dates (the to date) to current day? I always forgot to change it.


You can save your formula and analysis settings in a Project (.APX) file. Recent project files can be quickly opened from the File / Recent Files menu.

I set my To Date to a date far in the future before saving a Project file. That way my back tests always run through the most recent data available in my database.

Thank you for quick response that's helpful feature. But it didn't save position and we must open all 4 .apx manually then drag it to right position.

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@somsit this is a feature that was already discussed in the past here in the forum and that other users probably would like to see implemented in a future version of AmiBroker.

For this reason, I suggest you to go to the Amibroker Feedback Center and post it as a new feature request (always check if something similar already exists and in such a case add your comment to support it).


@beppe I agree, that such feature would be welcomed by many users (personally I've been advocating this for a long time :wink: ) but there is no need for @somsit to create another suggestion in the Feedback centre, because it would be a duplicate of Issue #2653 - Save AA Window in Layout. If he is a registered user, he can log into the Feedback Centre and add his comment to support the idea. It’s current status is "put on hold" - so there is a chance it might be implemented in the future...

As you wrote, it has been already discussed on the forum many times - for example in this thread:

I remember, that @Tomasz wrote, that there are also possible disadvantages of saving AA Windows in the Layouts, but if that is the case, there is probably another way of achieving that - for example some additional/optional layouts only for AA Windows ...

Another awaited feature is implementing Analysis windows’ unique IDs - that would make possibe using separate Parameters for each AA window. This issue also appears regulary :

Maybe implementing those two above features would make possible preserving multiple Automatic Analysis setups and making many users' every day life easier :wink:


Thank you for advice beppe. I will do.

Can Analysis window be saved as part of layout or saved on exit so that I do not need to open the same set of multiple analysis every time I launch Amibroker?

This question was asked one year ago on this thread. I would like to ask if it can be done today.

Thank you.

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@thankyou18 I had the same question very recently but it was confirmed via support that such a feature is yet to be implemented.

A good way to confirm this is to check such topics in the Feedback center. same link is posted above.