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Good day, I have a dedicated realtime database with a saved layout as "default" . Each chart has a unique strategy and unique symbol. I have tried both locking and unlocking each pane. The problem is sometimes when I restart Amibroker or switch databases, the global layout re-appears with each independent layout = OK but each pane has all the same symbol = Not OK.. I expect to get flamed by Tomasz to read the manual but I have and it makes little sense to me on this topic. Any help is appreciated...TIA

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Update: It seems that when I run 2 instances of Amibroker using 2 separate datafeeds (1 realtime and one EOD Amiquote, the issue I mentioned happens. Possibly I'm over-using Amibroker here?

i have been having problems with this in the past also. In my opinion this could happen when running 2 instances. So to avoid this I always save the setup I want in 1 database both as default and I also give it a name (using Save As) under "Local Layouts"

You can just try it. Startup 2 instances and then set up some charts in both instances. Then save the layouts of each instance in a separate name (instead of using default) under Local Layouts.

So if you then exit both instances and start up 1 database might not look the way you left it. Then you can double click on the name you gave this setup under local layouts and your setup will be there. You can then exit Amibroker again and then this setup will also be the default setup when you start this database back up.

So possibly what I am doing is not correct but it works for me. In the past however I was not the only one struggling with this. So now I always make sure that if I change something in my layout I save that setup using some name other than "default" under "local layouts" (using Save As). Local Layouts are btw per database.

If you are using two instances running from the same folder, both are sharing some settings, esp. files stored in AmiBroker directory such as broker.newcharts / broker.params, so they are NOT independent.

To avoid problems you should not use global layouts because each instance is going to overwrite changes when you exit it.

The safest way to run two instances is to have two copies in separate folders, so everything is separate.
Otherwise (when you run two instances simultanously from one folder) the LAST WRITE overwrites previous writes, so the last instance that writes to data files and config files would overwrite all changes made earlier.


Thank you, I will give this a try. Be well

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