Saved .apx Analysis Backtest Not showing Reslult

Hey guys,
So I tried saving my backtest result as .apx so that I can get back to it without running backtest again. But when I try to open the saved .apx file it shows no result. Am I missing something here?

Thanks in advance.

An APX file is an AmiBroker project file. It saves your AFL and all the analysis settings that go with it, including your watchlist, date range, etc. It is not a way to save results, but rather to be able to run the analysis again without having to manually change your settings.

You can find previous backtest results in the Report Explorer, or you can simply save the backtest results to a CSV file for easy access later.


As @mradtke said that's not purpose of APX files to store results. It stores formulas and settings.

You don't need to save anything to see previous results of backtests.

All backtests are automatically saved in form of the reports and all previous Backtest Results are available from the Report Explorer

Quote from manual: Using New Analysis window

Viewing reports / Running Report Explorer

To view the report from last backtest, click on the Report button. To run the >Report Explorer use a Report button drop down menu as shown below

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Thanks for the help @mradtke & @Tomasz. Just to further clarify since it's saved as a report there's no way we could use the "Show current trade arrows" anymore from the report?

Screen Shot 2021-06-29 at 14.19.45

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