Saving Analysis Window also in Layouts along with Charts


I have been giving this suggestion of saving the opened Analysis Docs in Layout along with charts…it will be very very useful as we always have to find and reopen Analysis project on AmiBroker restart.



The thing is that that is not what Layouts feature was designed for.

These are Chart Layouts.

Layouts are designed to provide super quick one-click way (actually double click) to switch between different chart layouts. You could have hundreds of different chart layouts with different parameters and different indicators and different charts and switch between them by double click.

Then you don’t want to have your Analysis window to DISAPPEAR (or being replaced by something else) say in the middle of running optimization (!) when you switch those chart layouts and that is what would happen if Analysis was part of Layout and getting switched.

BTW: The only place for suggestions is the Feedback Center, not the forum.