Saving Long Forum Topic for Achive/Offline Viewing

Hello Friends,

It seems that: If I try to normally save a Long Forum Topic like (via Save Page WE in FireFox):

Example of Long AmiBroker Forum Topic

The saved file does not seem to save the Full Topic - either something is missing at the top of the page or Bottom. On Googling the issue I found that it is a Discourse feature as discussed at:

Discussion on Discourse Forum regarding the observation

I tried to disable Java Script also; however that also did not serve the prupose.
Saving to PDF via CTRL + P seems to save the complete page to a PDF file (If "Print to PDF" is my current Printer); however lot of Code formatting is gone (A Wonderful Feature of this forum).

In the End : I request the experience of other users about this observations and how they have solved it.

And; Again I express my appreciation of the Wonderful Software and Beautiful Community - Life is very good.

With Regards

Sanjiv Bansal

@Sumangalam, one possible way to do it (losing some features and a minor annoyance) is the following:

  • Select your thread.
  • Press Ctrl-P. The "print" version of the site will show up (a lot less cluttered), and a Print dialog will appear (you should enable/accept popups).
  • Select "Cancel" on the print dialog.
  • Right-click on the page, and from the popup menu, select the "Save page as..." item (or something similar.. I have the apps in Italian).
  • Open the saved .html file using an offline browser (close the Print dialog that will appear!), and you have all the content (the code sections are there fully scrollable but without the syntax coloring).

(Tested on Firefox).


Thank you very much @beppe for your guidance.
(And my apologies for the delay in getting back to you)

Actually, I was looking for some recent long topic to actually go through your guidance;
and the topic regarding the Details of "PlotTextSetFont" gave me the opportunity to test it;
and your guidance worked more than my expectation.

Again Thanks a Lot - Please accept my regards;

Sanjiv Bansal

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