Saving results of scan mode automatically?

I would be very grateful if you can please help me out with this.
I am using an AFL whose buy sell signals work only on scan mode (live mode) and not when I scan the results on historical data. I am trying to study the signals as much as possible for which I need to analyse the stocks on which buy/sell signals come at that time

So is there any way where the scanner automatically scans the stocks on hourly basis and then also saves those results in excel or any other means automatically so that after market hours I can analyse those stocks.

@thetrader you should learn how to use the Batch functionality.

For an example of usage, please, see this previous thread (you may not need the last step to send the result via email).

As an alternative you can still use the OLE Automation to run a scan and export the data

In such a case, take a look also at these other answers to review some additional consideration about the scheduling of the process using a Batch vs. using OLE invoked via an external script.


Thank you so much, I will go through it.

That's funny to ask but I have to keep my laptop on for this, right ? :smiley: ( I am not a techie guy)

Laptop powered ON and AB running and ensure that the Batch executes as required by correctly setting up the scheduler in it.

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