Saving symbol as part of an analysis project


I've been using Amibroker for a few weeks now and I'm just blown away by it's capabilities and the lightning speed it provides. What an amazing masterpiece! :smiley: It was long ago it was this fun waking up in the morning!

However, I'm still struggling with some basic "best practice"-routines, and one thing I haven't found an easy solution to is how to store a specific symbol one analysis project is intended for. Some of my strategies are written for one specific symbol, and I would like that to load with the project. I quess I could make Watchlists with just 1 symbol, but maybe there is a better way?

(and yes, I have tried searching the forum)

Cheers and thanks for amazing community!

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One solution could be to force the execution of your code only for a (o some) specific ticker.

ticker = "$SPX";   //  example: the ticker your system is designed for
if (name() == ticker)
   // your code here...

In this way if you run your program on a watchlist that contain your ticker, Amibroker skips all the asset with a different name than the "ticker" one.


File->Save As...
save entire Analysis project into .APX file - it includes, FORMULA, the settings and "Apply to" selection and "Range" - all in single file.

Later you can open it simply using File->Open

Thank you! That's a pretty nice and easy way of solving it.. And to make it even easier, I can add all my symbols that has one specific strategy, to one watchlist. And then save that watchlist as a filter setting in the analysis project.

Hi @Tomasz,

one thing i noticed is when I 'Save' or 'Save As' the APX,
in 'Apply To': if the option is 'Current Symbol',
then the APX saves the current symbol at the time of saving in the XML Tag like this:

Next time when APX is opened and Explore run, it runs on the symbol that is selected in the ticker box.

In this context, does 'current' mean a) what is saved in the XML tag ,or,
b) whatever is changing with the Toolbar Ticker Box.

I was assuming option (a)
because with (b), what would be the purpose of that XML tag.


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If you have lots of analyses to be run with predefined single symbols, your best bet is to use BATCH that has command to set current symbol

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