Scale-out of futures problem

Hi all, I would like to divide my exit into three stages, each time exiting 33% of the original full position, but dynamically depending on how many contracts I have bought.

For example, if I have bought 30 contracts, then for each time I will exit 10 contracts.

However, if I add the code:

SetPositionSize( 33 , spsPercentOfPosition * ( Short == sigScaleOut ) );

It seems that it will exit 33% of my 66% remaining position (6 or 7 contracts instead of 10 contracts), which is less that what I hope for at the second exit. I read that spsNoChange might help but I could not make it work. Would somebody able to give a hint?

Thank you.

See Scale in/out example.

SetPositionSize( 100, spsPercentOfEquity );
SetPositionSize( 50, spsPercentOfPosition * ( Short == sigScaleOut ) ); // Scale out 50% of position

If using non-zero Trade Delays with scaling in/out then add:

PositionSize = Ref( PositionSize, -1 ); // If using non-zero Trade Delays with scaling in/out

Or use Buy = Ref(Buy, -1) method.

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Sorry, I am not quite understand why this will divide my trades into 3 exits and each with a fixed trade sizes. I tried to read the documentation but it seems do not mention any related function.

Modify the above example code to suit your own rules.

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