Scan Button Modification

Hi - I use Amibroker V5.2 and was wondering whether it is possible to add the Scan button in Automatic Analyser to an indicator pane that will make the update of the indicator a one-click operation? Some background - I have a cumulative advance decline line indicator for the Dow 30 which needs to be manually updated every day by right clicking on the indicator pane, selecting Edit Formula, selecting the automatic analyser button and then clicking the Scan button - becomes a laborious operation. So to simplify - it would be great to be able to somehow have the ability to one click the Scan button without going through multiple screens. I would appreciate any help.

Minimum supported version is 6.0. See: How to use this site

Check out batch of AmiBroker 6.20.
It can be started from chart pane.

if( ParamTrigger("batch", "run me" ) )
    ShellExecute("runbatch", "", "" );
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Thanks so much - so an upgrade is therefore needed. Much appreciated for your prompt responses.