Scan - Multiple Tickers on Multiple Formulas at Once

Hello – Has in anyone in this community forum been able to find an efficient way to scan multiple tickers (500+) on multiple formulas (50+) at once? My goal is to scan 50+ intra-day algos continuously through the day.

I found this

and this publishing on multi-threading

very helpful but it seems that the recommended solution would be to run many scan windows at once. That has some limitations once you want to use 50+ formulas. Has anyone found a more efficient way that scales up nicely?

I am running Amibroker Pro and have a laptop with a 2.30Ghz Processor and 8GB of RAM

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated

@Tomasz @beppe I realize this should be a fairly straightforward solve for you guys, but I am stuck. Do you have any guidance I can use?

not sure but did you have a look at creating APX files? Analysis projects, see also

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Either Use AB Batch or OLE to run multiple analysis project files sequentially.

Your OLE script would use looping

Or to check for signals from ALL files at once you may use #include command to include your 50 files into a 51st AFL file. File 1 to file 50 would have signals declared not as Buy/Sell variables but file1 having signals stored to variables Buy1/Sell1, file2 having signals stored to variables Buy2/Sell2 etc.
Then file 51 would be the one to be executed to look for signals of those 50 files at once.

#include <>
#include <>
#include <>
#include <>
#include <>
// till
// ....

// this loop would read as 
//Buy = Buy1 OR Buy2 OR ...
//Sell = Sell1 OR Sell2 OR ...
Buy = 0;
for( i = 1; i <= 50; i++ ) {
	Buy ||= VarGet("Buy" + i);
	Sell ||= VarGet("Sell" + i);


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