Scan Parabolic SAR Indicator

I need to scan SAR indicator data(in 'Analysis' section) to have a list of sell/buy signals based on SAR.
Would you please help me.

Thanks in advance

Hi @jafari1134,

You will probably find that you will get better responses if you show that you have put some effort in.

With your read time of 2 minutes, I doubt that you have gone through the "How to use this site" information. If you have not, that should be your FIRST step. After that, try SEARCHING. I would guess that there are lots of similar example that you could learn from here on the site.

When you have tried a few things, then post your code (using the code buttons "</>") to show us what you have and tell us where you are having an issue.

The most helpful members of the site really like to help people that are willing to try and willing to learn.

Show us what you have, and tell us what is not doing what you think it should.

Good Luck and Good Trading