Scan stock nearby 200 EMA

hello i want to scan stocks nearby 200 EMA ( nearby means percentage between moving average and price. above and below both side)..

@dharminnaik you have already posted identical request yesterday in another thread.

This forum doesn't work that way, that you just write what you want and all the users unconditionally rush in to fulfill your requests - especially seeing that the effort you have put in solving your issue is non existent or close to zero!

  1. Do something - start learning AFL!
  2. Search for similar topics and use the solutions already provided there. For example:
  1. If you don't want to do the above, find someone (and pay him) to do that for you.

hey i know about the afl. i can create afl in afl editor. also i m doing since 2012..there is one thing i dont know any coding language... but i ddint get my answer...

If you are saying that you have been using AmiBroker since 2012 and you are still unable to write such basic scan/exploration (2 lines of code) - that is very discouraging! I started using AmiBroker around 2011-2012 too, but since then I have put a lot of effort in learning coding in AFL. I wasn't expecting other users to write codes for me.

The answer is simple: put some effort in your trading and start learning at least basics of AFL language. After reading this single article, you should be able to write your first exploration in just a few minutes:

How to create your own exploration

Besides you should study this thread in details:

Be less demanding - instead become more self-demanding! Don't expect others to do everything for you!