Scanner for Intraday

Please advice How to create my own scanner for Intra day Trading such as /when
(1) RSI cross over, macd cross over, Ema crossover and Buy when close is above previous 5 candles high or Sell when close below 5 candle low.
(2) Buy when close is raising from Bottom Bollinger band to top band & close above median.
(3) Sell when close is falling from Top Bollinger band to Bottom band & close below median.

If possible please provide a video link so that I can understand easily.

Thanks in advance.

@rao The answers to your questions are in the links you need to read from this earlier thread. Start learning how to use AmiBroker. You do not appear to have made any effort at all.

If all of that reading and all those examples of code don’t get you going, then perhaps start reading the FREE book that has helped many beginners.

Of course Mr Bandy’s other books will take your abilities to a higher level.

After you have made some progress then write some codes and if you get stuck, post your codes on the forum and ask a specific question for where your code might be wrong.

That is when forum members will be most likely to help you fix your codes.

hello @rao

I absolute agree with @portfoliobuilder post, and I like to add one more link as you call for video.