Scanning on 5 minute data

I have created an explore to check certain stocks to see if their RSI is above 70 on a 5 minute chart. I have a 5 minute chart and a 30 minute chart showing on the screen, as well as a daily chart. When i run my code (which does not have any timeframe code in it) how do i tell it to use a 5 minute timeframe because it’s showing me the daily RSI right now. Or do i have to put that into the code. IN other words, is there a setting in the scan/explore to say on what timeframe to run it?

Click button “Settings”, it will open a window called “Bactester settings”, but affects exploration too. Set periodicity field

Got it; thanks. I knew it had to be somewhere but could not remember where it was.

Additional note:

You can easily find out the interval you have applied in analysis settings by using Interval(..) function with first argument set to 2 (string output).

Example using AddTextColumn

AddTextColumn( StrToUpper( Interval(2) ), "INTERVAL", 1, colorLightGrey, colorDarkRed );

Example using AddRow

AddRow( "INTERVAL:\t\t" + StrToUpper( Interval(2) ) );

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That’s great. Thanks! I got it working

Is there a way to scan the market at the close of candle,my signals(buy/sell) are generated based close of candle (5min),the market here open at 9:15;00 ,if at 9:12:00 i choose AR time 5m and click on scan the next scan will happen only at 9:17:00,is there a way to make it happen at every 5 min interval instead ie at 9:20:00,9:25:00 ,9:30:00 regardless of what time i click on scan.