Scientific formatting, was: Garbled characters in Charts

Why do we occasionally see such garbled characters in programs?AB0004


It depends on the format specifier for the populated value of a variable. And it can be corrected by using the right specifier as per the need.

Note 1
The % Format Specifiers

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My problem,

I think that value ... e-43 must be less than 1

so I have used the

IF ( T > 1 ) { // T -> I want to display values
PlotText( "" + T , i , H(i) , colorWhite ) ;

To filter these useless values,
But they still appear from time to time

the code like this


9.444752e-43 is NOT negative number. It is just small (close to zero) positive number.
9.444752e-43 is scientific notation and means

9.444752 × 10 -43

Scientific notation explained here:

If you want to avoid small number to display text like this you have to FORMAT numbers, using StrFormat or NumToStr like this:

T = 12e-43; // small number
i = 0; // to avoid syntax errors (normally you would place code below in a loop)
PlotText( "" + StrFormat("%.2f", T) , i , H(i) , colorWhite ) ; // will display 0.00