Scrollbar Picking

I don't want to make a feature request because Tomasz is overloaded but is there a hack to make the scrollbar in Web Research pickable (is that a word?) when the mouse pointer is jammed against the right edge of the screen? It's easy to press the pointer against the edge and then click and drag to scroll; moving the pointer off to the left before clicking and dragging is difficult for people with movement related disabilities.


I must confess I don't completely understand your question. Are you saying you have difficulty holding and dragging the scroll bar with the left mouse button? I scroll/page down by single left clicking in the light grey area under the scroll bar itself. Sorry if I'm way off track.

Sorry if I wasn't clear. Here's a video. Some programs place the scroll bar right tight against the edge of the screen thus making it very easy to pick the scroll bar. Some programs (Amibroker included) leave a few pixels between the scroll bar and the screen edge. If the mouse pointer is to the right of the scroll bar in this area the scroll bar cannot be picked.

Oops. I need to learn how to upload a video on the forum.

Thanks Garry. I just tried it and understand what you mean now. Going up hard to the edge gives a drag the page left/right cursor.
I'll have a scratch around on the internet.

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This may be a solution.

I have my AB windows set to normal (see jpg), but quite a few of them are "separate" to the chart pane (not docked), with the symbols list "floating" at the right. I grabbed the symbols top bar and moved it slightly more to the right. Now when I jam the cursor hard up to the right edge I can grab the scroll bar, click to page down, etc. (I hope I have the terminology correct. I set AB up like this over ten years ago).



I just did the same with web research - shifted the entire pane/window a bit to the right by grabbing the very top bar. Hope this helps.

Thanks for working on this. Did you minimize the main window and then stretch it to the right?

I actually maximised/double left clicked the top bar of the main window, then dragged/moved (not stretched) it slightly to the right.

I needed to "restretch" the left hand edge of the main screen after that action.

This is not a video. You have just uploaded PNG (static image). To make a video (animated gif) that is uploadable, you should use ScreenToGif program (free)

No such thing as you describe occurs in AmiBroker on any of our testing machines.

The area between scroll bar and the window edge is variable depending on THEME used. But it is definitely NOT filled with random pixels. In the video below I am changing themes and changes are reflected in the look including the edge. No random pixels though.


If you are having rendering artifacts (random pixels) it may mean that you have problems with graphic card drivers or your system, or you are using some 3rd party add-ons that modify the way how system works.

Thank you for showing me ScreenToGif.

My issue is ONLY relevant when the main Amibroker window is maximized.

The extra pixel I refer to are these:

Here I press the pointer against the screen edge in Amibroker and cannot pick the scroll bar:

Here I press the pointer against the screen edge in my e-mail program (theBat) and can pick the scroll bar:

Picking the scroll bar is very easy when we can jam the pointer to the right edge of the screen and left-click. It's more work if we have to accurately position the pointer on the scroll bar before left-clicking. I don't know why different programs address this aspect differently.

P.S. I'm so glad to be back to Amibroker after a lengthy illness. Amibroker is beautiful software. Thank you for making it Tomasz.

As I wrote - depending on THEME used, there is or not, a BORDER (margin) around inside MDI tab site / inside main frame. For example Visual Studio 2010 theme has 4 pixel border. Border is ... a border, not part of the scroll bar, therefore it does not act as scroll bar. This is BY DESIGN, it is stylistic choice.

If you ever installed Microsoft Visual Studio, you would see the same border.

Other, user-selectable, themes have thinner borders, but at least 2 pixels are used anyway.

Your email program ("Bat") does not have themes and it does not compare.