Scrolling forward stock quotes

I´m testing using a ZigZag formula to find buy opportunities. The problem is that the buy signal shows after that some more quotes have been downloaded. I see the signal too late. I would like to learn how the ZigZag formulas developes.

I would like to scroll forward from for example 230101 and see how the formula shows at the screen, but I don´t want the formula to take "future" quotes into the formula. I would like to see how the ZigZag looked 230101.

I´m not the best to explain what i´m after, but I hope You understand what I´m after!

Best regards,
Leif Axelsson

Did you read the docs for Zig function, the "Caveat" section?

As to your question: use BarReplay functionality (built-in). Use manual to read instructions how to use it.

Thank You very much!
Just what I was looking for.