Searching Past Messages (BD-Before Discourse)

Can I assume the old Yahoo group will be maintained (read-only) to enable searching past message topics (bad as it is)? Has anyone ever found a more useful way of searching Yahoo Group messages other than the built-in search mechanism?


Sometime ago Tomasz created this:

----- AmiBroker mailing list archive collection

Thank you for downloading AmiBroker mailing list archive.

This mailing list collection includes all messages posted to AmiBroker mailing list in the period 1998-2003.

(You need to have 8 mailing list archives downloaded and present in the same directory to use this collection)

You can either read the archive by browsing list of messages or using quick full-text search. The later method is advised when you want to find relevant information quickly. Below you will find instructions on using full-text search feature.

Thank you.

Tomasz Janeczko

Which provided a great way to search the Yahoo archives upto that date on your personal computer. Maybe he may archive the rest of the mailing

list in the same way.

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What about googling this way ? I am looking for “debugging” in this example.

Old Yahoo group will remain, but I will not post there.

That would be a great archive. However, privacy concern has prevent him from doing so to the newer emails.