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Is there a way to search the AmiBroker forum by topics or key words? I assume it must be there but I do not see a search function.



Use the round magnifying glass icon at the top-right of the window.

Thank you…I can’t believe I missed that!

I cannot see the magnifying glass icon either.

Top right corner. Click on magnifying glass and search box opens for you to type your inquiry.

Thanks, I can see now after change the interface-theme from profile to default.

Best regards bob t

Dear all,

I’m a new member to this forum and probably asking a stupid question. But, I just can find any search button in the forum which allows for searching specific keywords forum wide. Maybe someone from the more experienced users can help here. Thank you very much for your support!

Kind regards,


Don’t worry @Kurt - you are not the only one. I have just used the magnifying glass icon (which you are looking for) to search the forum :wink: and found this post. Take a look (you will find an answer there) :


I was wondering, what might be the reason, that some users can't see the magnifying glass icon in the upper right corner of the web page. I thought that in case of the dark theme (which I use on all my devices because I like it very much) the type of Monitor's LCD panel might be the reason. I use mainly SPVA and IPS (Eizo) monitors and this icon is clearly visible (from every angle). When I checked how this web page looks like on a TN monitor, it turned out that this icon might be barely visible. If someone finds it difficult to see the magnifying glass in the picture below:

... he/she might try changing the dark forum theme to white.

Some additional information about searching and changing the defult theme, can be found here: