Section to post complete AFL codes

I think the new Forum is great, I find it much easier to navigate than the old Yahoo forum.

Personally, I’d like to see a separate section where we could post and share complete AFL programs. Perhaps it could be a subsection of the AFL programming section. I’d prefer a place where we would just copy and paste the codes, not a file upload/download section as that would be too tedious to look at all the different codes.

I think it would be useful to post some of my own codes to invite opinions and suggestions. I could also look through other people’s codes to get ideas on how to do different things.

Are you familiar with the Members Zone via I have found that to be a excellent and easily searchable library of user code.

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As @nomad said - AFL library in the members area is proper place. But 20+ years experience shows that “complete AFL codes” tend to be used by copy-paste artists without slightest bit of understanding what is happening. When applied to real trading it is recipe for disaster.