Sector Rotation Strategy Using StaticVarSet and StaticVarGenerateRanks

hi @portfoliobuilder,

Sorry to trouble you again. I would like to access these yahoo links you posted on 2 pass ranking , Sector then stocks. However, i cant access those links on yahoo. Would you by any chance have another link for me to study this please?


@gautamlaungani. No I don’t have any other information. The old posts on Yahoo only were discussions about coding the indicator without any special information either.

cool np, thanks for confirming. cheers

Researching a rotational system which led me to this thread (reading, it works!).
@portfoliobuilder, For the record, John Murphy is old but that is a relative statement. :sunglasses:

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Hello everyone, please execuse my ignorance; still learning. Where is the "rankvalues" in the above statement is set (i.e., where is it coming from?). Thank you.

See staticvargenerateranks.

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Thank you @TrendSurfer for pointing me in the right direction.