Selecting a file to process from FDIR() output

I would like to write a utility program to do some processing of ASCII files.

I need to manually select the file to process from a list created by fdir() function and displayed on screen

Need to learn how to select a particular file … highlight file displayed by fdir() and select or pause program until a keystoke is activated… and capture that keystroke.

hello Ara
For manual select file you can use ParamList()

Path = "C:\\Temp\\";   // path to read or write files
FileNameRead = ParamList( "filename to read", "matrix.txt|GD.txt|test.csv", 0 );

fh1 = fopen(Path+FilenameRead, "r" );
if ( fh1 )
// do something

below second example is with switch

MyFiles= ParamList("select a file?","fileOne|FiveMinute|10Minutefile|File_blabla",0);  

switch ( MyFiles ) {  
	case "fileOne": Covariance.txt; break; 		
	Case "FiveMinute": testMinute.txt; break;	
	case "10Minutefile": 10MinuteData; break; 	
	Case "File_blabla":blabla.csv; break;}